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A perfect in flight suitcase especially when I need to carry a laptop. With the front pocket that can easily access to my laptop, I can pass security check smoothly and easily access to my laptop on flight. Not to mention the suitcase itself is so light and the reels are very smooth!


Hong Kong


I like the simplicity and design of this bag. There are so many spaces where you can fit everything you needed for work. I'd recommend the bag to anyone who needs to take their mini-office around in their daily business life!


Hong Kong


Amazingly designed bag! I was carrying this cute little bag all afternoon packed with 2 laptops, a full water bottle, and all the other life necessities, but it did not feel heavy at all. Magic! It has a place for every little thing so you find what you need right away when on the go. Highly recommended!


United States


Finding a "made in Japan" suitcase has been almost a bit of an obsession for me and proteca simply ticks all the boxes! It's so light, rolls so smoothly, and looks absolutely classy. I might have to buy more of these and start a little collection!


United Kingdom


This 'transformer' bag is perfect for both daily and travel backpack. The expanded mode is really universe-eater, I thought that I've put my everything in but I never make it full. The shoulder straps design is perfect. Unlike other backpack that make squishy pad, ACE did a magic with the shape instead to make it comfort.




It’s no secret that I really liked FREYA-RUCK2. It was a good bag for girls who don’t want to bring a bulky backpack to the office with a laptop and some cables inside the bag. In addition to that, there are also many zippered pockets inside. It’s very stealthy and great for keeping items like a passport or wallet. Even with all of that stuff inside, it was comfortable and easy for girls to lug around.




The wheels are incredibly easy to push around in ALL directions, and I love the function that allows me to open up the luggage while it is still standing up (in case you need to just take something in and out quickly without having to plop down on the floor to go through the entire luggage in public). Lastly, I really do enjoy the stop button which allows me to stop worrying about the luggage wheeling off somewhere. All of these functions (super light, functional design, ease of use) will allow your travel day to be much less stressful!


South Korea

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