Sara Takanashi's Sponsorship Agreement with ACE | ACE Blog

Sara Takanashi's Sponsorship Agreement with ACE | ACE Blog

Sara Takanashi, a ski jumper, signed a sponsorship agreement with ACE

Ace will provide various products, including suitcases made in Hokkaido, her hometown.

Ace Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroaki Morishita, hereinafter referred to as "Ace"), a bag maker, announced that it has signed a sponsorship contract with Sara Takanashi, a ski jumper, from November 2022. Takanashi has been active in the world's top ranks as a ski jumper since her mid-teens. Ace sympathizes with Takanashi's sincere approach to ski jumping and her brave and continuous challenges, and will support her international activities by providing suitcases, including the Japanese-made travel bag brand "PROTECA". The "PROTECA" suitcases are manufactured under strict quality control at the Akabira factory in Hokkaido, Takanashi's hometown, and are the only Japanese-made suitcases that are manufactured domestically from start to finish in the world. We will support the activities of Takanashi, a representative athlete of Japan who spreads her wings from Hokkaido to the world, together with her fans.

Comment from Sara Takanashi

I am grateful to be supported by Ace. The fact that the factory that manufactures "PROTECA" is in Hokkaido, my hometown, makes me feel closer to it. I am also attracted to the sustainable suitcases that are environmentally friendly. From now on, I would like to travel around the world with Ace's luggage and work hard toward my goals!

Sara Takanashi Profile

Takanashi started ski jumping in the second grade of elementary school and won the youngest-ever women's victory in an international ski jumping competition certified by the International Ski Federation at the Continental Cup in February 2011. After that, she won the overall championship four times in the FIS World Cup and won a bronze medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. In the 2021-22 FIS World Cup, she achieved the greatest feat of 63 victories overall, the most ever for both men and women, and stood on the podium for the 115th time in the 2022-23 season, the most ever for both men and women.

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