Upcycling Mazda's Car Bumpers into Suitcases

Upcycling Mazda's Car Bumpers into Suitcases

Ace Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroaki Morishita, hereinafter referred to as "Ace") has announced the re-release of its popular suitcase, the "Maxpass RI" from Proteca, which is made from reused bumpers from Mazda Motor Corporation, the Japanese car manufacturer. Maxpass RI will be available in limited quantities (150 units) at Ace's owned stores, online store, and major department stores and specialty stores throughout Japan from April 7th, 2023. ※ This model is only available in Japan at this time.

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Background of Development

Ace has been actively engaged in recycling activities for suitcases, including recycling suitcases and reusing leftover materials from suitcase exteriors, in order to promote the construction of a resource-circulating society and effective utilization of resources.

In this context, Ace collaborated with Mazda, a company that focuses on reducing environmental impact throughout the lifecycle of their cars, to develop the "Maxpass RI" suitcase made entirely from recycled bumpers, as part of their efforts to expand the effective use of resources. Through this joint effort, Ace aims to reduce environmental impact while also providing customers with a unique and sustainable travel product.

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The Sustainable Suitcase "Maxpass RI" 

Recycled polypropylene resin, regenerated through technology that recycles used car bumpers, is used for the exterior of the suitcase, while recycled polyester is used for the interior dividers and inner case. Additionally, to support safety at night, an environmentally friendly vibration-powered LED light is installed.

The "Maxpass RI" is covered by Proteca Premium Care, a three-year unlimited repair guarantee for long-term use. After use, the suitcase can be recycled through the Ace Recycling Project※1 to reduce environmental impact.

To further reduce the environmental load during recycling, the suitcase uses injection molding to reduce the use of metal parts.

※1 The Ace Recycling Project 

Since 2010, Ace has been carrying out a sustainable suitcase recycling program aimed at purchasers. The program transforms suitcases that would otherwise be discarded into valuable resources. As of September 2022, the program has collected 41,970 suitcases. Ace also refurbishes suitcases that are deemed reusable at the recycling center, and donates them to domestic non-profit organizations,charitable foundations, or uses them for leasing after necessary repairs. Currently, the program is only available to residents of Japan.

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