Expert Tips for Efficiently Packing Your Suitcase | ACE Blog

Expert Tips for Efficiently Packing Your Suitcase | ACE Blog

In 2023, as COVID-19 regulations are gradually relaxed in each country, it is becoming easier to travel overseas. Why not take a trip with a new suitcase? However, the question remains: how do you choose the right suitcase? First, let me share what I personally considered when choosing the suitcase I currently use, as an employee of a luggage manufacturer.

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What is the purpose of using a suitcase?

There are various reasons, I think. I love traveling overseas and usually go on trips during long vacations. I use suitcases mainly for personal travel, not for business purposes. The basic shape is the same, so whether it's for personal or business use, it's the same. It's easy to understand if you interpret it as a bag to carry the necessary items for a few days' stay.

How do you decide on the material and size? What did you choose?

The body material of suitcases can be broadly divided into hard and soft types. As the name suggests, hard types are made of rigid materials such as aluminum, polycarbonate, and ABS resin. Soft types are made of mainly soft materials such as nylon and polyester that can be deformed.

It is also recommended to choose a suitcase that fits your body, depending on the amount of luggage. Size and weight are important factors, as a suitcase that is too small may require you to tilt your body when pulling it. However, it is also important to consider the ease of movement when pulling it.

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The reason why I chose the Proteca 360T

I chose it for its durability and functionality. The body is made of lightweight and strong polycarbonate and ABS resin blend. And, most importantly, it's designed to open 360 degrees, which surprisingly comes in handy during travel. When you want to store your coat in the suitcase at the airport or add souvenirs, you can do so without fully opening the suitcase in public. Additionally, it can open vertically as well as the usual horizontal opening, which makes it possible to use space more efficiently, even in a hotel room.

Points to consider when choosing a size.

As a rough guide, you can think of 10 liters as equivalent to one night's stay. However, the amount of luggage you need can vary greatly depending on your destination, purpose, and season. We recommend that you try packing your belongings into a garbage bag with a capacity label to get a rough estimate of how much space you need. Based on this estimate and taking into account the amount of luggage you need for this trip and for future trips you plan to take, you can decide whether to choose a size that is just right or one size larger.

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Finally, what I would like everyone to understand is that suitcases will eventually break down, and there are various factors that can cause them to do so. That's why I recommend using Proteca suitcases, which are the only made in japan suitcases and come with a 3-year premium care service (details can be found HERE). This service is currently only available to those who have purchased Proteca suitcases (excluding sales).

Thank you for reading until the end, and we hope you'll find your perfect suitcase with us!

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